About Mahoney's

Texish Bar & Restaurant

Majestic Irish heritage combined with "Texas Proud" and "Houston Strong". Authentic "Texish" cuisine and live entertainment everyday! Lets get Texish!

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Mahoney's Texish Bar and Restaurant

Mahoney’s Texish Restaurant and Bar is fastly becoming a favorite among those in southeast Texas that love good times, great food and the best in live music. 

But how did these guys ever get together to put this winning concept in motion?

Mahoney’s almost didn't happen

Late spring, 1987 there was a vigorous debate in the circus arts club on what to do after graduation.  Kelly wanted to continue his pursuit bright lights, three rings and grease paint.  Shaun was hell bent on living his dream as a systems analyst.  Pat, well Pat just wanted to grow his hair out, get on his Harley and ride to the west coast....

Wait… no.  I can’t do that.  They’ve entrusted me to tell the tale.  I have to tell it the right way.

Back in the mid-80’s Kelly Mahoney, Shaun McConnell and Patrick Perugini were schoolyard chums before they were the Tex-ish bistro-nauts.  On any given day it was muttered or yelled “going to Mahoney’s, be back later” by any number of their close friends.  Kelly’s house, “Mahoney’s”, was always a favored gathering place for friends and family.  It was a launch point for adventures to be had, a prime destination for a guaranteed good time, and a welcoming place to finish off an evening with stories, laughter and the comfort of being with your best friends in front of Mr. Mahoney’s giant tv.  A tv that took up the side of the house.  Seriously, it was the entire wall.  Mrs. Mahoney’s sandwiches, watching football on that tv…  The same could just as easily be said about Perugini’s house… ask anyone who played cards at Pat’s while his mom doled out her famous hoagies.  Then of course McConnell’s house where the hugs and sweet tea never ran out.  Warmth and hospitality was ingrained in these guys… it’s a family thing.

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Life after high school took them in different directions.  All three went to college, married, had kids… but they always stayed in touch, always found time to get together.

Over the next thirty years as the boys became men the longing for good times and camaraderie never waned.  When they got together with their buddies it was always under the same prescribed conditions… the place must have memorable food, great drinks and an excellent vibe.   The bar must be big enough for plenty of people to raise a glass to friends present, not present, and not yet met.

Mahoney’s Texish Restaurant and Bar is what happens when three best friends draw upon the greatest of their life experiences, the love of friendship and good times and put it all under one roof.

“Going to Mahoney’s…”.  Still rings true.  See y’all there.